When you started planning your wedding you wanted it to be different from all the weddings you have ever been to, right!

Well have the perfect effects to make that happen! Heres the newest and hottest effect to sweep Western Massachusetts weddings.

This as dream come true effect.

As husband and wife your first dance is the typical way to start your evening. But now we bring you the a new modern effect that we like to call “Dancing On The Clouds”. This is a fantastic photo opportunity. Dancing on the clouds will have your guests running for their cameras for your first dance. Just think of all the memories you will have, knowing you are dancing in a cloud, the same way you feel during your first dance.

Make your dream wedding come true with our modern posh style and bring that wedding to life with Dancing on the Clouds.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is made with our special machine that is brought out during your first dance. The cloud starts to be made as you start first dance, it rises about 12″ from the floor. The white cloud that is made by using dry ice to give you the illusion that you really are on the clouds as well as making your first dance one your guests will be always talking about. Remember, this contains no chemicals or oils.

Make sure to ask us how this can be added to your wedding you may have already booked with us or how we can bring it to your wedding you may want it at. Our prices are reasonable, and we are the first company to bring you in Western Massachusetts.